Saturday, February 27, 2010


IN WESTERN NEWS: we have changed our name to CHELSEA SAINTS and are givin' away our free demo, EP 2010, HERE.


1. playtime
2. movies
3. radio
4. hot town (part 1)
5. hot town (part 2)

IN OTHER NEWS: there's this comp i compiled, some excrement, some revivalist ethiopia. anyway, it's called 'Vagabondage: Friendly Noise & Psychotic Covers', the title overly explains the contents. also, we had mad new members; shout out to pierre, oli, and alex. cover art by justin, download here.


1. lost guitars
2. smells like teen spirit (nirvana cover)
3. "hello, this is your rite aid store..."
4. purple rain (prince cover)
5. i want you back (jackson 5 cover)
6. can't explain (the who cover)
7. in da club (50 cent cover)
8. orgasm addict (buzzcocks cover)

or stream 'in da club below':

in da club (50 cent cover) by james_morley

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