Saturday, February 20, 2010



left hand side drawn by justin - right hand side drawn by me

since the brain autopsy demo we've been kind of busy, but don't worry excrement are still on our hustle. currently we're refining as well as re-writing some of the tracks off brain autopsy for our album, 'broken biscuits'. here's a new track we're pretty stoked on:

untitled new demo by james_morley

justin: guitar
james: drums

we also recorded this track called 'relaxin' at the apocalypse (bowing to luke)' for our boy luke. get on it:

relaxin' at the apocalypse (bowing to luke) by james_morley

justin: guitar
james: guitar


we got two new members: cj (a.k.a prolifik, pictured above) and homie pete. we've cut this since our expansion. here's 'we cut this, you cut yourself':

we cut this, you cut yourself by james_morley

cj daley (prolifik): voice/?
pete: precussion
savva: precussion
justin: kit


james william elwood morley - 'songbook #1: oracle too weird':

1. intro
2. messy recipe
3. interlude (squidbillies)
4. your kids are going to grow up to be just like me
5. interlude (emo philips)
6. hippies
7. song for gabriella
8. drum interlude (beavis & butthead)
9. neurocentrism
10. interlude (american movie, sun ra, j. mascis, and bbc chernobyl reenactment)
11. ché kit
12. untitled
13. hippies (reprise)

besides all the other groups i'm hoping to put up a mixtape of stuff i made by myself. i guess it's kinda a weird alternaive to hip-hop mixtapes, same idea anyway. the first installment is called 'songbook #1: oracle too weird'. it's 8/13 of the way done. i'll post the whole thing on completion, here are some finished tracks:

intro by james_morley

song for gabriella:
song for gabriella by james_morley

interlude (american movie, sun ra, j. mascis, and bbc chernobyl reenactment):
interlude (american movie, sun ra, j. mascis, and bbc chernobyl reenactment) by james_morley

that is all.

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