Monday, February 22, 2010

aleatoricism/tp bath

aleatoricism - virtual 7":


1. alone
2. space

i guess aleatoricism is kind of ambient/noise thing i'm doin' for fun. i recorded this late las year but only just got 'round to uppin' it. anyway, here is the first aleatoricism release: aleatoricism - virtual 7".

tp bath - polygon:


1. Polygon
2. Polygon Must DIE!!
3. Poly's Gone

tristan put this up on his blog a couple of days ago. download it here: tp bath - polygon.

i guess all you really need to know about this old chestnut, besides the fact that "all music was improvised, but overdubbed" is:

- tristan
- guitars
- tabla
- cello
- melodica
- glockenspiel
- recorder

more importantly is that polygon is:

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