Tuesday, September 29, 2009

artist : the syndicats

the syndicats are a lesser known freakbeat band from the mid 60s and they totally kill it. they put out three 7"s on columbia, produced by legend joe meek, and in '94 a couple of tracks surfaced on steve howe's mothballs. you can pick up their tacks if you search them over at http://diveintoyesterday.blogspot.com. their most badass jam is 'what to do', so rad.

check out 'you can't judge a book' and 'howling for my baby' at the beat room in '64:

movie - director : the toxic avenger - lloyd kaufman & michael herz

luke told me to watch this a while ago. the toxic avenger is one of my new favourite films. check it out: mutation, bikini-clad babes, head smashin', guts bein' ripped out, car wrecks, gnarly fights, and funny yet heartwarming moments. all you really need to know is that it's a totally rad mid 80s american cult horror film. kind of like a batman you can relate to more.

here's the trailer (the audio sucks, sorry):

Monday, September 28, 2009

artist - album : albert ayler - my name is albert ayler

january 14th, 1963 saw saxophonist albert ayler release his third record: my name is alber ayler. though i've never really been down with the sax this album is really sick. it's a down tempo free jazz jam, what are you waitin' for? get into it!

here is a cut from the record, the video has a weird leaky fire hydrant in it: