Monday, September 28, 2009

artist - album : albert ayler - my name is albert ayler

january 14th, 1963 saw saxophonist albert ayler release his third record: my name is alber ayler. though i've never really been down with the sax this album is really sick. it's a down tempo free jazz jam, what are you waitin' for? get into it!

here is a cut from the record, the video has a weird leaky fire hydrant in it:


  1. digging the weird leaky fire hydrant, jazz is the jam and space is the place. keep it classy, romboner

  2. just give me some kind of sign romboner, if romboner is the drug, romboneremone, A Thousand Romboners, Rough Romboner, Raw Romboner, Dig Romboner Dig! all romboneries