Saturday, May 22, 2010


'pee-weez cruise-ade' '10

vera's brain has about a million imaginations inside it. needles (that was deliberate, i am not retarded) to say when we sat down and drew something together it looked totally psychotic. the above cited image ended up looking so cool she put it out as a t-shirt on VERAMEAT. vera designs jewlery, plays guitar and sings, and eats a lot of pizza. she's pretty cool. here are some photos of some of her stuff:

pee-weez cruise-ade

one you love

nature vs. nurture (vera gave me this, shit's so cash)

just finished these drawings for her today, hope she digs 'em:

'vamp cat' '10 (drawn on the inside of a pizza box)

'zombie' '10 (drawn on the inside of a lightbulb box)

been listenin' on deez:

fugazi - waiting room:

misfits - some kinda hate:

sly & the family stone - if you want me to stay:

nas - n.y. state of mind:

ermmmm... that's it.

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