Sunday, May 9, 2010

new painting/gatherings #2: "you look like a fucking hippie"/ghostface

'model painting' '10

in excrement news we are pleased to announce the release of our second mixtape: gatherings #2: "you look like a fucking hippie". here is the tracklist:

1. currently untitled
2. currently untitled
3. indianish jam
4. "yeah, but how small is your fucking body?"
5. noise -> minor romp
6. cuntitled
7. italian verse
8. "oh, see n' this is too low man. see that? it's like porridge"/spaghetti western
type track
9. currently untitled
10. "you look like a fucking hippie"/stock metal
11. smooth summer hip-hop jam
12. 't2 to the face' jam
13. "it's like having a 7-Eleve7-Eleven ice-ee in your refrigirator man"/currently untitled
14. kam jam
15. jam kam
16. jam kam jam
17. fucked up and dissonant
18. "oh dude, if i knock over any more bottles today"/sober and sonant

here's some footage from the sessions (with super sketchy audio):

dead kennedys type track:


the record will be available for download as son as the record cover is finished. for gatherings #2: "you look like a fucking hippie", we've asked our friend vera to do the album artwork.

been listenin' to a lot of ghost, get it on:

biscuits (feat. trife):

apollo kids (feat. raekwon):

be easy (feat. trife):

stay up.

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