Sunday, April 11, 2010

'excrement destroy hippies' print-out poster/'drunks' session/les rallizes dénudés

last fridays practice, the 'drunks' session:

guitar: justin
drums: james

indianish jam:
indianish jam by james_morley

dead kennedys type track -> jam:
dead kennedys type track -> jam by james_morley


guitar: james
drums: jusin

cuntitled by james_morley

stock metal:
stock metal by james_morley

italian verse:
italian verse by james_morley

also, really been feelin' this band les rallizes dénudés. they're rad psych rock from back in the day japan, heavier than a death in the family (live '73-'77) is an outrageously good album. here's 'night of the assassins' live in tokyo on the 28th of december, 1982:

over and out.

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