Wednesday, April 7, 2010

computer magic: 'spectro the digital ep' + 'space oddity (bowie cover)'

so, i already turned you guys on to computer magic round a month ago. computer magic, my friend danielle, just put her debut ep, 'spectro the digital ep', and it's gnarly. here's the cover/tracklist/link (basically everything you need to know):


i) spectro
ii) wet hot american summer (indoors)
iii) and lastly, the kids are growing up
iv) if you could read my mind, in space (cover)

spectro the digital ep


space oddity (bowie cover)
space oddity (bowie cover)

space oddity (bowie cover)

space oddity (bowie cover)

danz also has this rad jam called 'david' but never released it, why? i know not, but she should.

also, primordial-globules been updated too, just sayin'.

stay up g's.

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