Saturday, June 19, 2010

'the last days of judas iscariot'/'the blasting concept'

'last days of judas iscariot' '05

stephen adly guirgi's 'the last days of judas iscariot' is a surreal exploration of the moral decision made by judas iscariot to 'betray' jesus and surrender him to the romans. through obvious metaphor, guirgi's play presents the moral debate through a present day legal procedure...

... if ya ask me it's worth readin' to see what could go down if satan and pontius pilate were ever put on trial, this play's fuckin' awesome!

'the blasting concept' '83

... been listening to the blasting concept from '83. it's a sst records comp of stuffs they released between '78 and '82.

here are some PRIME cuts off the record:

minutemen - paranoid chant:

saccharine trust - a human certainty:

overkill - hell's getting hotter:

black flag - nervous breakdown:

hüsker dü - real world:

get it on.

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